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Notes from Up North, January 2008

We moved our glads to new ground in 2007. Perhaps that’s the reason why our corms are especially healthy. 

This is a fun year for cataloguing. Stars of the show are our “brand new” introductions of several old-timers, including some rare ones. A number of others are waiting in the wings for numbers to build up for future listing. You will also find quite a few new names in our standard listing. Several names from last year’s listing are missing, which simply means that we are re-stocking. (If you miss one from years past, ask for it. We will likely have some stock.) 

Last year I said that to get a wider sampling of opinion on our Baker’s Dozen seedling “Glad,” I will deduct a dollar from the invoice of anyone willing to try it. (I didn’t really care for it. Several of the family think it’s great!) We would appreciate hearing your opinion. A couple of other Baker’s Dozen seedlings show great promise and we hope to introduce them when stock is adequate. 

I write these lines at our kitchen table. With oil prices as they are, our wood-heated kitchen is the most comfortable room in the house. 

We wish you all a joyous new year, including great satisfaction gained from the beauty of blossoms harvested from your glad patch! 

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