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Notes from Up North, January 2014

2013 was a good year for glads. There was enough rain to keep them growing. A series of 90 degree days in July was short enough to do no damage. 

Despite Elisabeth and Margaret being in a bank when it was robbed… despite Paul getting a leg injury in a freak accident, an injury which required 3½ months of elevation-type recuperation… we had a good season and have harvested an excellent crop of glad bulbs. 

We’re preparing our catalog, which will include most varieties from the 2013 book, plus a new introduction and several interesting re-introductions. This is a stock-rebuilding year for several Cates favorites, but if there’s a variety that has been listed in the past that you’d been hoping to get your hands on in 2014, give us a call — we may have a few bulbs in that we could spare. 

I’m cutting this short to focus on catalog preparation. (Your reading this is evidence that we succeeded.) 

Greetings to all our glad friends, and happy growing! 

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