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Notes from Up North, January 2012

This is rare! Finally we had a growing season with nothing to complain about! In 2009, there was almost never-ending rain. In 2010, we had a major weed problem due to worker shortage. 

In 2011, however, we had a good balance between rain and shine, and therefore a successful harvest of both blooms and corms. As a result, we were able to re-list most of the glads un-listed in 2010. 

Our supply of corms this year is sufficient for us to restore the “6 for the price of 5” special we reluctantly did not offer last year. Please make note of it on your order forms. 

It is a strong motivator for us to be able to make available gladiolus varieties which are otherwise difficult to find. We continue to look for heirloom cultivars and are willing to purchase or trade for same, even if you don’t know their names. (We enjoy detective work and are grateful to growers who help us identify the unknowns.) 

We are building up stock of several rare old-timers. We also have a growing collection of Eastern European varieties, as well as several seedlings which have yet to be introduced, and will list some of them when supply is adequate. 

Wishing a great season to glad growers nationwide, 

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