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Notes from Up North, January 2007

Another wet summer in 2006 created a situation of “planting between the raindrops.” Fortunately, there was a dry period early in April during which we got 90% of the crop in the ground! 

As usual I resolved, “No new glads this year. We already have cultivars enough!” Then of course we tried out about 50 new varieties. Many were outstanding, especially some of of the new Hartline varieties. 

Again our list is a combination of heirloom and newer varieties, with the older ones our specialty. We have recently acquired a dozen or more “brand new” (for us) glads from the pre-1970 era. As numbers become adequate in future years we’ll add them to our list. 

Suddenly Bibi has gained additional interest. In an article about antique glads in Holland I discovered its correct classification number, 363, and year of introduction, 1954. I apologize for previous incorrect information. 

We are pleased to offer our first new introduction: Bob Martin’s unusual double glad Dorothy S., named after his wife. Please see our new introductions list for photos and a lengthy description. 

Wishing you all a great growing season! 

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